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Rsx Fuse box options
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SOLD OUT! No eta when will be taken anymore at the moment. 


Before placing an order please look over our video.

This is ONLY available for ACURA RSX 02-06. Please do NOT ask if we can do this for other vehicles.

Your Oem fuse box harness will be completely stripped down to remove the bulky factory loom and other unnecessary items. It will then be completely re-loomed to size with finer, sleeker material. Our address to ship the fuse box harness will be provided once the order is placed and cleared. Your fuse box wiring will be extended, allowing you to relocate the fuse box inside your vehicle.
Now with your fuse box in the new location, “glove box/passenger airbag location,” You will need new battery wires so it can reach your fuse box in the new location. Please use 2 gauge copper wire! DO NOT BUY SPEAKER WIRES! Over time speaker wire won’t hold the voltage your vehicle will need! 


✅$400 We will extend the fuse box wiring and re looming the entire harness but deleting the abs wiring.

✅$465 We will be extending the fuse box wiring and re-looming the full entire harness but keeping the abs wires which require more work because more wires have to be extended.

✅$590 We will be extending the fuse box wiring, re looming the full entire harness but keeping the abs wires, and extending your abs wiring from the stock location to the windshield cowl to relocate the abs pump.

Turn around takes 6/8 weeks once the fuse box harness has arrived not when you place the order. Please be patient. It’s a lot of work, and everything must be done right and properly. If you are in a rush please do NOT place an order.


When shipping your fuse box harness, please ONLYYYYYYY mail the harness itself; we do not need a fuse box to complete the work. Mail the harness through USPS large box or medium if you can fit it fine.

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