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Additional cross member lines

Made here in the USA 🇺🇸 


Complete Kit Includes :

- 1x Billet Cnc firewall fitting

- 1x Ac compressor fitting

- 1x Ac dryer fitting

- 2x Allen bolts - 2x Nuts

- 2x Ac flexible lines

* All brand new O-rings

This ac tuck kit works perfect if you looking to clean up the engine bay or don’t have enough room with a turbocharge setup or supercharger. We have made a new Billet firewall adapter piece previously you could see through the hole and billet piece wasn’t able to cover the hole, unlike the new one. If you would like the additional line with 2 billet adapter fittings that cross member brace please add to the cart an additional $75.
Please aware the ac lines MUST be routed behind the engine not doing so will cause the hoses not to reach the ac compressor. Please watch the video. 



  The new ac lines hoses are rated for 500psi. TEMPERATURE: -22°F to 257°F (-30°C to 125°C) If you would like to have the ac hoses wrap by the loom is only $15 extra otherwise they will come with no loom.

 Please watch the full video as I explain how to install the kit step by step.


Our products are made for Off-road use only. Our products full potential is based entirely upon proper installation. Made in the USA. All sales are final. 

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