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Ground kit
Powder coating


Stainless & billet box are in STOCK.
Please allow us 3/5 business days to ship your order. 





Our battery tray kit is a full direct bolt-on kit that will be going underneath your passenger headlight.

Our stainless are all CNC cut, and tig welded. Yes, our battery tray does clear fog lights, yes does clear fender liner, and no water won’t affect your battery being in that location. The battery tray is only designed for OEM/51r battery. Please note you will need to remove your washer fluid bottle. 

What Is A Charge Harness?
This is the cables that runs from your under hood fuse box directly to your battery, alternator to charge your battery.

1️⃣: CNC laser cut stainless or Billet

2️⃣: All proper hardware.

3️⃣: Tie down kit and nylon spacers

4️⃣: Completely adjustable from front to back to accommodate different tire sizes and allow the best bumper fitment.


1️⃣: Tucked charge harness cable kit. All our kit is 2 gauge wire. Brand new battery terminals, dust cover, and everything is loom & heat shirk. All the cables the kit brings; Positive battery relocation cable to the fuse box, Negative battery cable, starter cable, alternator cable, and negative transmission cable. 

2️⃣: Remote jumper battery terminals. No need to remove the bumper in order to jump-start your vehicle. Now you have a constant 12-volt source back to the battery being tucked under your Passenger headlight. 

3️⃣: Powder coating service available- Additional $49 for standard colors.


If the battery tray will be getting powder coating wait till be 14-21 days. If you are in a rush you please don’t add powder coating service. We take pride in giving you quality powder coating. 


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