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Rhd Dc5 V2 Ac Tuck Kit

Rhd Dc5 V2 Ac Tuck Kit

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V2 ac tuck kit

Compatibility RHD DC5 / EP3 • • •

Complete Kit Includes :

-1x Cnc Billet firewall fitting

-1x Ac compressor billet fitting

-2x Ac canister billet fitting

-2x Allen bolts

-2x Rubber grommets

-2x Brand new Ac lines

-6x Hose clamps with self-tapping screws

All new ac O-rings

The Rhd Dc5 /Ep3 ac tuck kit version 2 is finally in the market for those that have been waiting. The new ac lines will route by your passenger fender as pictures shown above. What’s the different between v1 & V2 well this version will allow you to relocated your ac drier underneath your headlights. Charging port can be flip like customer above did but can be left by the firewall. Please look over the pictures closely as I do not have a video installing this kit.  



The new ac lines hoses are rated for 500psi. TEMPERATURE: -22°F to 257°F (-30°C to 125°C) If you would like to have the ac hoses wrap by the loom is only $15 extra otherwise they will come with no wrap.

📫Shipping is $15 anywhere in the United States🇺🇸

📬International shipping is $72 you will be responsible for any additional fees when parts arrived in your country. Allowed 3-5 business days before any tracking is available. 



Yes: You do need to get the Ac system recharge and vacuum after the kits have been installed. If the Ac system isn’t vacuumed your ac system will not stay cold for long. Please have it professionally done as they will be able to know how much freon your vehicle will need.

Yes: You can install this kit with the engine in the car removing the Tbar it’s a must so you can get most clearance to install all the lines. Yes: Removing the fender is a must in order to install the lines properly. Please check your wheel clearance to make sure they will not rub with the tires. 


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