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All our products are made here in the USA 🇺🇸 


Please allow 7/10 business days for tracking update. 

This is only for 1994-2000 civic. 

Please be aware full size radiator set up are extremely tight if possible please stay with half size to have the best clearance. 

This kit is designed to work with a compressor from a K20A, A2, A3 or K20Z1 engine.(same mentioned compressor must be used if you have a K24A swap).

Our condenser does require 2 fans to keep the temperatures down. Please only run spal part number  IX-30100394

What belt do I use with this setup? 

If you do not plan on keeping power steering you will need to purchase a K20A3 02-05 Civic Si K20A3 pulley setup and belt. If you plan on running P/S you can use a stock K20A/A2/Z1 belt.


What condenser do I use?

We supply you with our custom spec condenser with built in drier.


This kit will not work for RHD vehicles.

Complete Kit Includes :

-2x Billet firewall ac adapter fittings

-2x Billet ac compressor fittings

-1x Billet ac pressure switch fitting- Details which ac pressure switch to run will be in the box with details. 

-6x Allen bolts

-4x Ac high-pressure flexible lines with fittings

: All brand new O-rings

-1x Brand new condenser with build in drier. 





The new ac lines hoses are rated for 500psi. TEMPERATURE: -22°F to 257°F (-30°C to 125°C) If you would like to have the ac hoses wrap by the loom is only $15 extra otherwise they will come no wrap.

The only items not included is an ac compressor k20/k24 and a fan for the condenser. Note that you will have to wire the ac drier and compressor. You will need to run a 12x12 inch fan behind or in front of the condenser. In order to Install the ac lines you just have the battery relocated. Our previous version did have ac drier bottle but we have made changes added the new condenser and a custom ac pressure to delete the bottle completely. 




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