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Rear Camber Kit- Rsx-Ep3 & Em2

Rear Camber Kit- Rsx-Ep3 & Em2

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fits the following cars

02-06 Rsx

01-05 Ep3

02-06 em2 

Dc5creation billet spherical are like no other camber kit in the market. Our rear camber kit is CNC 6061 billet aluminum turnbuckle sleeves at the center and CNC machined billet mounts pressed into 4140 grade chromoly steel pivot ends. 

What are the benefits of using spherical roller bearings camber kit VS Regular rubber camber kit.

1️⃣ Stock Rubber bushings are great for absorbing noise and vibration but aren’t designed for performance.
2️⃣ Rubber bushings are what come from the factory. They rot, rip, wear out, deflect (a lot!), and are simply inefficient at transferring large amounts of power.
3️⃣ Spherical joints hold old's precise alignments since spherical stay true and centered and don’t compress and sag over time.
4️⃣Eliminates suspension deflection and geometry changes under load seen with rubber or urethane bushings.


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