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8th Gen Civic Turbo Manifold

8th Gen Civic Turbo Manifold

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Ceramic Coating


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Dc5creations 8th gen model features a lower runner designed specifically to fit an 8th gen with k20z3. Those with k24 swap trimming is required at the top firewall. 
Our manifold been tested from 300hp up toward 1100hp without boost creep issues.
Running an aftermarket coolant head adapter is must to avoid having clearing issues. Yes, manifold works for either 2 or 4 door civic as engine bays are the same. Our exhaust flanges are cnc cut to give the perfect seal between your cylinder head & turbo manifold no one else offer this service for turbo manifolds. 


  • Comes with a 1yr Warranty from the date of purchase
  • Fully back purged welding process
  • Ported head and turbo flange
  • t3 and t4 turbo flange
  • Sch40 stainless steel runners
  • 60mm wastegate flange for Pulsar or Turbo smart 
  • Titanium stud & nuts 
  • Ceramic coated 
  • Cnc exhaust flange


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