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Heater Tuck Kit

Heater Tuck Kit

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We have been working on a design to clean up to bay from those ugly OEM hard lines and rubber hoses. Our kit will turn your heater lines into AN fittings braided lines. Please watch the video before making an order. 




This kit at the moment is specifically for the Acura and Honda vehicles.
Must run 10an lines and fittings as in our fittings are all 10an. 

Please choose your kit 

A; k20a2, k20a3 Stock rsx engines

B; K20Z3 OR K24 set up 8th civic or k24 TSX 

Please confirm your email is correct as tracking will be sent there.  

Complete kit includes 

1 Billet Thermostat fitting

1 Billet back of engine head fitting

2 Billet Adapters Fitting  

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