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RHD Ek-Eg-dc2 B-D series Ac Tuck Kit

RHD Ek-Eg-dc2 B-D series Ac Tuck Kit

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All our products are made here in the USA 🇺🇸 

Please allowed 7/10 business days before any tracking is available.

Our B/D series Dc5reations ac kit is built here in the USA.

Our kit is designed for Our hoses to be able to hold between 300 and 500 psi. Our kit is designed to get rid of all of your OEM factory lines and condenser. This is ONLY for 94 civic and up. The kit will route through the passenger fender area out to the compressor/condenser. A new kit no longer is required to have the ac drier bottle. Dc5creations ac tuck Kit requires between 18oz to 22oz of Freon. 


The complete kit includes;

2: Billet firewall fittings

2:  Billet Ac compressor fittings

2: Billet drier fitting

1: Custom spec Condenser with built-in drier

2: Rubber grommets

2: ac condenser brackets

New bolts and all-new o rings.


All our hoses are USA made. Each of our kits is pressure test it to confirm they are no leaks. Buy with confidence. 


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