K-Series Manifold

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T4 IN STOCK!!! Be can ship 2/4business days. 

Available in black cerakoter to help with heat or raw at no extra cost.  All our manifold come with 4 titanium studs with washer and nut. 

Built here in USA 🇺🇸 

This manifold was designed to fit K-Series and K-Swapped vehicles, and verified fitments include:

EF, EG, EK, and DC chassis with K-Series Engines

06/11 Civic Si,EP3 Civic,02/06 RSX & TSX. 

The Dc5creations K-Series Sidewinder Turbo Manifold was designed around the Acura Rsx electric ⚡️ steering rack. Our goal with this manifold was to provide a solution for the Rsx to keep electric steering as the manifold will fit many other chassis with the k series motor without any issues. The manifold comes with a t4 or T3 60mm gate we only suggest to run a Turbo smart wastegate as our testing shown they have the best clearance with tight fitment.

What's better? I been doing this for about 10 years and from experience many people fight boost creep or deal with cracks in the manifold due to a inferior material and thickness due to companies going to China trying to save money. The positioning of the gate allows you still run electric power steering without fighting clearance issues or boost creep. A single 44mm gate is not sufficient so we went with a 60mm. We have tested our manifold 300/900hp with no boost creep issues. 

As it goes to material you aren't getting a plm, jackspania, 1320 manifold which are all Chinese. This manifold is thicker, higher grade material and back purged made here in the USA



Our Sidewinder is constructed from high quality 1.5” Schedule 40 stainless steel, and is TIG-Welded and back purged to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality product possible. Our cylinder head, wastegate, and turbine inlet flanges are CNC machined from ½” plate 1018 Steel and all mating surfaces are machined flat ensuring a perfect seal.