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Ek-Eg-Dc2-Del Sol Vehicles

Ek-Eg-Dc2-Del Sol Vehicles

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Battery Box
Charge harness


Made here in the USA 🇺🇸 

Patent pending

❌Black anodized are SOLD OUT.

✅Raw billet is in stock.

❌Metal trays- Pre-order price $115 

All metal trays are pre-order once in stock they will go up to $130. All metal trays will start shipping 9/30/23---10/30/23

Please allowed us 3/5 business days to ship your order for items in stock. 


Choose your vehicle to give you the right hardware & harness.


The billet battery box is full Cnc made of 6061 aluminum and only weights 4 pounds.

What Is A Charge Harness?
This is the cables that runs from your under hood fuse box directly to your battery, to starter & alternator to charge your battery. Yes, the wiring will reach your fuse box stock location or inside the dash. Please watch the video for more details. 
  • 94-01 Integra
  • 92-2000 Civic
  • 92-98 Del Sol
  • 92-95 EG



You will only be receiving the billet box with hardware. Yes, our battery tray does clear fog lights, and yes does clear fender liner, and no water won’t affect your battery being in that location. Slight trimming may be required depending on what type of bumper you have. The battery tray is only designed for OEM/51r batteries. Our battery box is fully adjustable to go forward or back as you wish to clear bigger tires or different bumpers trimming is REQUIRED .

Charge harness please note they are at extra cost: 

yes, cables reach your Fusebox inside the vehicle on the passenger side only and as well they reach your stock Fusebox location. Please choose your vehicle accordingly

Tucked charge harness cable kit. All our kit is 2 gauge & 4 gauge wire. Brand new battery terminals, dust cover, and everything is loom & heat shirk. The cables kit brings a Positive battery relocation cable to the fuse box, a Negative battery cable, a starter cable, alternator cable, and engine ground. 

 Skip to min 8 to watch the battery installed.




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