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8th Gen accord ac tuck kit

8th Gen accord ac tuck kit

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8th Gen accord ac tuck kit

This kit is only for the 8th Gen accord model. The kit will allow you to remove the OEM factory ac lines. The new lines will be routed through the passenger fender giving you that tucked image and still having ac in your vehicle. 

Complete Kit Includes : 

1x Cnc Billet firewall fitting

1x Cnc Billet pressure switch adapter

1x Ac compressor fitting

1x Ac condenser fitting

2x Allen bolts -2x Rubber grommets

3x Brand new Ac lines

6x Hose clamps with self-tapping screws

All new ac O-rings








Yes: You do need to get the Ac system recharge and vacuum after the kits have been installed. If the Ac system isn’t vacuumed your ac system will not stay cold for long. Please have it professionally done. Froen will need to filled to oem spec. 





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