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Rsx Full Fuel System with Return Line

Rsx Full Fuel System with Return Line

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Current Fuel Rail
Fuel Pump plug & play relay harness
Flex Fuel Wiring


 Please allow 3/5 business days for tracking updates. 


Fits 02/06 Rsx & 01/05 Honda Ep3 

 We only offer this kit with PTFE Braided line. What that means you can use it with pump 91 and 93, and e85. Our flex fuel line kit made 684hp on our yellow Rsx at 80 percent duty cycle running a walbro 525 and 2150 Fic injectors and 523 with pump 93. 


Our kit replaces all of your OEM factory hardline from the gas tank to the fuel rail.  8AN feed line and adds a 6AN return Line from the fuel rail back to the tank.

what’s all included

  • 5 Custom Fuel Lines all pre assembled 
  • Fuel rail fittings  
  • Fuel filter fittings 
  • Flex fuel fittings 
  • Tank fittings 
  • Regular fittings
  • Clamps & screw 

Items NOT Included in our kits that you need:

  • Fuel pressure regulator  Weldon regular # WEL A2040-281-A-120 or Ktuned # KTD-FPR-10B

  • Flex fuel sensor- Part number 13577429

  • Fuel Filter-  Part number Magna 7009
  • Fuel pump - Walbro 450 #f90000267 or walbro 525 f90000295 
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