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Please refer to the link below to view all available powder-coating colors!

Please watch our installed guide video before placing an order. 

Our kit fits most of all 5-lug Honda/Acura models. Confirmed models so far;

2006/2022Honda Civic si or base, 02/05 Ep3 5lug, EM2 5lug, Acura RSX base or type s 02-06, Honda S2000 00-09, Acura TL 99-14, Acura TSX 04-14, Acura Tlx 15-20, 03/22 Honda Accord, Honda Element 03/08and Honda Crv 22/18 & Acura Nsx 90-05


What is included in the brake package:

1️⃣:  Two Brand new front TL-S 4-piston Calipers- Remanufactured or Used OEM cores. 

2️⃣: Calipers CNC machine to our spec.

3️⃣: Calipers direct bolt Service (Plug and play no need to drill out & ruin your spindles/knuckles.) These calipers bolt directly to the stock mounts on factory spindles. 

4️⃣: 2x TL-S Brakenetic rotors available Drilled slotted, Slotted, Cross drilled and Regular rotors of your choice.
310mm / SET Please be aware rotors are shipped separately. “Rotor will be shipped separatelyRotors are all zinc coated. 

5️⃣: 4x Evolution Sport carbon fiber Ceramic brake pads (low dust) / SET Front Driver & passenger. 

6️⃣: 4x Brand new caliper Bolts

7️⃣:  4x Stainless pad spring clip & pins

8️⃣: 2x 1mm Cnc laser rotor shims go behind the rotor only require for Nsx,s2000, and 8th Gen civic rest of the vehicles do NOT require it.



The only parts you will need to finish the conversion if you are only buying our modified calipers are rotors and pads must be 2007-2008 Acura TL-S specification parts, You can choose from any brand as long as they are the 07/08 Acura tls spec parts. Yes, your OEM brake lines will work however most customers choose to upgrade to Stainless Steel lines if you would like to add them to the cart.


🚨Modification Service: $209

 Please be aware eta start when they arrived not when you place the order.  Eta is between 3/5weeks for machine work. No powder coating is AVAILABLE if you are mailing your own calipers only machine service. 

Additional information 

  • If you would like your TLS calipers to be CNC machine to be plugged and play.
  • Requires the buyer to mail in his/her own calipers. 
  • If you would like powder coating please add cart.
  • Please note Nsx, s2000, and 8th gen civic require our laser shims.  Please leave notes on our notes before check out.

Requires you to send in a pair of Acura TL-S calipers. Please only send calipers we do not need anything else. Calipers will be CNC machine to our spec & we will modify them to be direct bolts to your vehicle. Once calipers are finished will be allowed to be a plug-and-play install no need for spacers behind rotors or drilled out your spindles. We supply you with brand-new bolts. 

Running spacers behind the rotors is NOT safe what you are doing by that is pushing the rotor out causes you to not let your wheels sit in the hub.
Your wheels will hobble, causing shaking in the steering wheel, and will damage wheel bearings and bushings over time. You get what you pay for in the end, don't shortchange your safety.


NOTE if the seals are not in good condition once we inspect there will be a $60 additional charge for new seals only if we are powder coating them. Our address to ship the calipers will be provided once the order is placed and cleared. If you mail in calipers that have been powder coated we are not responsible for any chips or scratches it may happen during the CNC process please mail in calipers that are not powder. Once again we are NOT responsible for any chips or scratches. 



Will the new caliper clear your wheels?

The minimum size of wheels the calipers will clear are 16 inches. What we have noticed is typically lower offset wheels clear easier. Every wheel design does play a big factor in clearing the calipers. The approximate clearance you need is 2 1/4 inches from the rotor to the wheel spokes. 

 Common Wheels and Clearance Info: Please keep in mind this is only for our TLs calipers and the way we machine them.  

17x9+20 Rays Te37 -No spacers 

17x9.5+22 Rays Te37 -No spacers

17x9+22 enkies Rpf1 -No spacers

17x9.5+18 enkies Rpf1 -No spacers

17x9.5+18 enkies Rpf1 - No spacers

17x9+22 Rays- 57DR- No spacers 

17x8+35 enkies Rpf1 - No spacers  

17x8.5 +38 Enkies Rpf1 -No spacers

18×8.5+35 Enkei nt03-No spacers 

17x9+22 Regas - No spacers 

17x8+38 oem evo 9 gsr wheel - No spacers 

 17x8+38 wedsport tc105x- No spacers 

17x9 +35 MC10 -No spacers 

17x 9+35 Advan racing Rzll - No spacer 

18x8.5 +38 Evo X final edition - No spacers 

18x8.5+35 Konig Hypergrams- No spacers 

18×8.5+35 Enkei nt03-No spacers 

18x9.5 +24  Avid06- No spacers 

19x8.5 +35  Aodhan AFF7- No spacers 

wheels that required spacers to clear the calipers 

18x8.5+35 Aodhan DS07’s- 20mm spacer required

17x9+35 enkies Rpf1- 15mm spacer required 

17x9.5+35 enkies Rpf1- 15mm spacer required

0EM rsx type s wheels- 20mm spacer required

OEM s2000 wheels- 25mm spacer required

OEM 8/9th Gen Si civic-20mm spacer required 

OEM 2019 accord stock wheels- 15mm spacer required 

Gramlights 57DR’s 17x9 +38- 8mm spacer required 




You can also use PayPal Credit to pay for our products (6 months interest-free and other financing options).

Please allow 4/7 business days for your order to be complete. If calipers will be powder coated wait time will be 5/7 weeks to do high demand. If any delays because the powder you have chosen wasn’t in stock and we need extra time we will contact you first. Calipers with all hardware will be shipped through Usps 2-3 priority mail.

Mailing the calipers for modification service. Wait is between 3/5weeks once they have arrived not when you place the order. 

“Rotor will be shipped separately“, either by FedEx or ups. In most cases, you will receive the rotors before anything else. Please be patient all kits are made to order.

• Canada. You will be responsible for any additional fees when parts arrived in your country. This order cannot be combined with other orders for this shipping quote. 





They are no cancellations once orders had been placed & no returns. 

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