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Made here in the USA 🇺🇸 

Please allowed 2/3 business days for your orders to be shipped. 


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Please watch the videos above will show you how to install our kit. DO NOT ORDER UNTIL you watch the video so you get a better understanding of the product.

Fits RHD and LHD. 

Our battery tray kit is a full direct bolt-on kit that will be going underneath your passenger headlight. All our metal trays are stainless metal CNC cut and tig welded. Our billet one is full Cnc made of 6061 aluminum.

Yes, our battery tray does clear fog lights, and yes does clear fender liner and no water won’t affect your battery being in that location. Slight trimming may be required depending on what type of bumper you have. The battery tray is only meant for OEM/51r batteries. This will also work for the Honda em2 but only 2 bolt holes will line up for the last one you would drill a hole & do a rivnut tool.

What’s included: 

1️⃣:  Raw billet, billet anodized black or Metal tray.

2️⃣: All stainless hardware.

3️⃣: Tie-down kit.

4️⃣: Completely adjustable from front to back to accommodate different tire sizes and allow the best bumper fitment. To add additional options to your battery relocation kit, proceed to add your battery tray kit and add these to your cart separately


1️⃣: Tucked charge harness cable kit. All our kit is 2 gauge & 4 gauge wire. Brand new battery terminals, dust cover and everything is loom & heat shirk. Kit brings a Positive battery relocation cables to the fuse box, a Negative battery cable, a starter cable, alternator cable, and transmission ground $95

2️⃣: Remote jumper battery terminals. No need to remove the bumper in order to jump-start your vehicle. Now you have a constant 12-volt source back to the battery being tucked under your Passenger headlight. $75 NOTE: This kit is cut to length for the battery being under the headlight for Rsx/Ep3. Custom length cables are available please sent an email with measurements. Price may vary depending on the length.


RETURN POLICY A 20% restocking fee will be charged on any product returns within the allotted time frame. Returned products are also eligible for store credit or exchange. The returned product(s) must be in original factory-new condition and free of any defects or signs of use or installation. There are no returns on any used or products that have been installed. The powder coating service is NON-refundable.

Powder coating is NON-Refundable please be aware of it. 


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