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Rsx/Ep3/Em2 Abs Relocation Kit

Rsx/Ep3/Em2 Abs Relocation Kit

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Abs Relocation Kit
Plug & play Extension harness

Made to order please allow 10/14 business days.
This kit is available for Acura RSX/EP3 & Em2.

please note lines are all black now. 

Complete Kit Includes :

- x12Custom length brake lines

- x12 Adapter fittings

- x6 Bulkhead fittings

- x6 3an nuts

- x6 washers


This kit is for the people who do not want to delete their abs unit and would like to relocate it! The relocation area will be by the passenger side windshield cowl. If you would like the abs wiring will be an additional $75. The wiring is from another rsx harness that has been heat shrink and loom.
All you would need to do is match the wiring very simple process. Note that you will have to bleed your whole brake system and it will take a lot of brake fluid please note that have a friend help you.

Please watch the full video as I explain how to install the kit step by step. If you try to install the kit without watching the video you will be lost. • • •




Our products are made for Off-road use only. Our products full potential is based entirely upon proper installation. All our lines and fitting have a 1 year warranty from the date is sold. 



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