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All our products are made here in the USA 🇺🇸 


Yes, they are in STOCK.
Please allow 2/3 business days for any tracking info to be update.  

 At this moment only kit is ONLY with the built drier on the side.
This is only for 1993 civic and up. Please look over the last few pictures for reference ac condenser with built inside drier are outta stock and if you would like to wait they those be available again in early October. Hose everything else is routed the same only differences ac drier it outside please look over the last pictures closely.  Please condenser is shipped separately. If you are ordering now you will receive our kit with the ac drier bottle needed in the of the condenser. Please understand kits with built inside drier are NOT available at the moment. 


Please watch our video before placing an order.


Complete kit includes 

1- Custom condenser “mail separately”.

1- Ac drier bottle

1- Ac drier bottle bracket.  

2- Billet firewall fittings 

2- Billet compressor fittings 

2- Rubber grommets 

4- Bolts 

2- condenser brackets  

All our hoses are USA made. Each of our kits are pressure test it to confirm they are no leaks. Buy with confident.