Evo 8/9 V1 Ac Tuck Kit

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Please be aware you placing a pre-order at the moment. Kits will starts shipping 10/25/2021–10/29/2021


Our first dc5creations Evo version 1 ac tuck kit is in the market. We spend over a year of R&D  making this kit 100 percent. What does v1 do? Well eliminates those ugly factory lines out the engine bay with my tuck kit you will be able to route your lines by the passenger side out to the compressor and condenser. The kit is perfect for anyone looking to clean up 🧼 the engine bay and has ac back on their car. 

Complete Kit Includes:

-1x Cnc Billet firewall fitting 

-1x Cnc Billet compressor fitting

-1x Cnc billet condenser fitting

-1x Custom ac drier bottle with pressure switch 

-2x Rubber grommets

-3x Brand new Ac lines

-2x Hose clamps with self-tapping screws All new ac O-rings

The new ac lines hoses are rated for 500psi. TEMPERATURE: -22°F to 257°F (-30°C to 125°C) If you would like to have the ac hoses wrap by the loom is only $15 extra otherwise they will come with no wrap.