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Charge harness
Injector clips



The customer must mail in his/her OEM engine harness.

Your Oem harness will be completely stripped down to remove the bulky factory loom and other unnecessary items. It will then be completely re-loomed to size with finer, sleeker material. A high-quality military-grade heat shrink loom is used to cover the entire harness which is resistant to gas and diesel. All connector plugs get unpinned and completely heat shrunk, providing a tucked image before being re-pinned. After the harness is completed we used a popular and clean tucked wire layout. The main harness runs over the valve cover and even hides the injector plugs, which come up from under the manifold.


The only harness we accept at the moment. Please don’t ask for different vehicles. 

  • K-Swap Cars
  • 02-06 RSX Type S 
  • No-RSX Base 
  • 01-05 Civic EP3 (Type S or K24 Swap)



✅ 02-06 Engine harness $375

✅If you would like to include the CHARGE harness it’s an additional $55

“charge harness is the wiring that is connected to your battery within your engine harness”

✅ If you would like to include new injectors clips it's an additional $45 please add them to the cart.


You will receive the address to ship to after the order has been made. *Please allow 5/7 weeks for the work to be completed and turned around

📬Return shipping back to you is $15 For additional inquiries email me.

VTEC solenoid
Oil pressure sending unit
Crank Sensor (CKP)(02-04 K20 style)
Coils 1-4
Cam (CPS) Exhaust Side
Top Dead Center sensor (TDC) Intake Side
Engine Coolant Temp (ECT) (02-04 K20 style)
Knock Sensor (KS)(02-04 K20 style)
Intake Air Temperature (IAT)
Alternator (02-04 K20 style)
Manifold Air Pressure (MAP)
Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
Idle control motor
Electronic speed sensor (VSS)
Injectors 1-4
Reverse Lights
Reverse Lockout solenoid
Starter signal  




TO THOSE WHOM IT MAY APPLY Before removing your engine harness, take a short video for personal reference as certain plugs may be confused and plugged backward such as the TPS, MAP, and CAM sensors.
Injector clip order from left to right 🔥 Brown, Red, Blue, Yellow

Map sensor wires: yellow/red, green/red, green/red

Tps wires: Green/red, black/Red,

Intake cam sensor: Blue/White, Brown/Yellow, Black/yellow

Exhaust cam sensor: Green, Brown/Yellow, Yellow/Blacks

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