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Only billet brackets available are without ebrake. No eta for brackets with ebrake. 


Please read everything carefully before making an order: 

These 2 billet brackets have been designed to allowed Rsx, Ep3, and Em2 to have a 4 piston caliper in the back. The brackets have been designed to work on a Honda Element rear spindle assembly which will allow to you keep your E-brake system since they have an internal E-brake shoe. We now have billet adapters brackets that bolt up to the back of the Oem rsx assembly but no E-brake capabilities but it’s 100% reversible. This means if you ever wanted to put your stock caliper with E-brake would just need to swap it over and remove the 4 piston Bbk & rotors.
All you would need is genesis rear rotors, calipers brake pads if you don’t want E-brake. Otherwise will need Honda elements other parts listed below to do the full swap to keep E-brake. • • •

Parts you need in order to complete the Ebrake conversion:

✅: 2 Billet dc5creations brackets $165

✅: 2010-2016 Hyundai Genesis R spec rear calipers, rotors, and brake pads.

✅: 2003-2008 Honda Element rear none AWD or AWD spindles they are same make sure they come with trailing arms. Crv stuff will NOT work.

✅: 2002-2005 Honda Civic with rear drum brakes E-brake cables.


✳️If you would like us to supply you with 2 brand new Hyundai 4 piston rear calipers please add them to the cart. $460

✳️ If you would the calipers powder coated is an additional $230 Please find the color at Note the color item you have picked on check out. If you are not keeping E-brake the new brackets that we are designing will bolt right up to the rear stock Rsx spindle. It will only be required just to trim the brake dust shield and installed the billet bracket, rotor, genesis 4 piston caliper, and brake pads. No need for element parts but again no E-brake capability if you would like to go back to E-brake you be able to install your old setup. There are no permitted modifications to your rear setup. Oem brake lines will work just fine. Installation video by Jesus @rkb_rsx on Instagram  

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