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Engine harness
Charge harness
Add injector clips



READ BEFORE MAKING AN ORDER. Your Oem harness will be completely stripped down to remove the bulky factory loom and other unnecessary items. It will then be completely re-loomed to size with finer, sleeker material. All connector plugs get unpinned and completely heat shrunk, providing a tucked image before being re-pinned.

✅ 8th Gen Engine harness tuck work: $375

✅ 9th Gen Engine harness tuck work: $410

✅If you would like to include the CHARGE harness it is an extra $45

“charge harness is the wiring that is connect to your battery within your engine harness”

✅ If you would like to include new injectors clips is additional $35

You will receive the address to ship your OEMengine harness after the order has been clear. *Please allow 5/7 weeks for the work to be completed and turned around. If harness is done sooner will be shipped back to you once completed. 

📬Return shipping back to you is $15 For additional inquiries email me. 


TO THOSE WHOM IT MAY APPLY Before removing your engine harness, take a short video for personal reference as certain plugs may be confused and plugged backward such as the TPS, MAP, and CAM sensors. Injector clip order from left to right 🔥

Brown, Red, Blue, Yellow

Map sensor wires

Tps wires

Cams sensors

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